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cPanel Admin

Whether you sign up for the 5GBFree free website hosting option or the 5GB Pro option, you’ll get cPanel Admin — the best backend administration tool available.


At 20GBs of bandwidth, your 5GBFree free website hosting account will be able to handle the traffic your side-project website will receive.

FTP Account

You’ll be able to handle tons of file uploads with the 1 FTP account that comes with your 5GBFree free website hosting account. When your website grows, upgrade it.


For a brand new website, 5GBs of space with a plan is the perfect amount to get started with. As your website and goals expand, expand your unlimited disk space.


Start with our 5GBFree free website hosting option to get access to forums to ask questions of other users and technicians.


If you don’t need email for your website, sign up for our 5GBFree free website hosting plan. If you want to raise your website’s credibility and use a domain-related email address.

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Aspire at a glance.

The year was 2012. The scene was a coffee house. Two friends with a love of technology, open-source software, and a strong desire to help people get online banded together to create Aspire Media Networks, India Built on open-source technology with a commitment to customer success, Aspire provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to many sites, blogs and applications, and supports hundreds of web designers, developers, content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs with the power of the Open Web.