In this fast paced and ever-changing

competitive landscape, empowering

employees with training and development

is often the key to success

Training and development encourage

employees not just to become good,

but to excel, thus creating a competitive

advantage of great impact

and updating process

Simple and easy management of documents

Adding and storing documents

History tracking and document versioning

User-based revisions

Network and collaboration tools

Digital asset management

Highly secure environment

Single sign-on capability

Internal Motivation and Accountability

Build a training and development led organisation by motivating

and reinforcing accountability at each level.

Identify and assess goals and KPis

Deliver online training

Track training progress

Collect and present data reports

Assess skill levels

Managerial roles

Collaboration process


Connect and work better as a team


Document searching and sharing

Distribution, publishing and reproduction

Multiple-user revision

User-based authorisation protocols

Records management

Industries we serve
with DMS systems

Investing in training and development help maximising profit and customer retention.


Investigation and Research

Construction and Space Planning

Governmental Organisations

Charities and NGOs


Law firms and Notaries

PR. Communication and Marketing

Facilities Management


Software Developemnt
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Enterprise content management (ECM)
Training Management System(TCM)