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Top 5- Learning Management Systems and their outstanding features

Advent of E learning has brought many advantages in the arena of teaching-learning process. In fact, it has reoriented the traditional role of a trainer. E learning has bypassed the physical presence of tutor, as e learning methodologies are wholly self-tutored. Each of e learning program has a specific mission and objective considering the environment for which it is visualized

Furthermore, with readily available e learning hardware and software one can easily tame the technology for an ideal use and earning rich dividends from it. Universities and other educational institutes world over are implementing innovative e learning technologies to improve the results of their students. Many have also gone for web based training (WBT) on weekly and daily basis to understand the in depth knowledge of the subject.

Their Features

This learning management system features Low priced Course Development & Enhancement, Mobile Learning, Seminar Logistics, web based as well as e mail delivered surveys, schedule simulator and much more. The LMS is also featured with powerful bi directional communication and collaboration tools such as web conferencing and collaboration, Tickler system and E-mail broadcasts for marketing your training.

It is a freeware Course Management System (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle accounts for significant user base in 18,204 registered sites with 7,270,260 users in 712,531 courses. It gives a rich interface to educators for designing user friendly on line curriculum Key featuures of moodle include Forums, Database Activities, Wikis, Content managing (resources), Chat, Quizzes, Blogs and much more.

It is a powerful LMS that offers great flexibility when it comes to learning. The LMS creates a fabulous vitual learning environment (VLE) for hordes of institutions from a range that includes elementary schools, higher educational institutions and corporate. Its features include tailorable user interface, superb performance capability, powerful dataintegration support and beyond.

It is described as the open source learning managaement system provided with unique features of creating, sharing, and managing the content over variety of environments and interfaces.

The LMS is ideally designed K-12 system of education. It is capable of offering effective e elaerning for various subjects such as mathematics, science, English studies, social studies, Romance languages, and much more.

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