PhoneGap offers a cost effective alternative to native mobile app using web based technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript). PhoneGap allows you to develop one ‘hybrid’ version of the app that will work across all major mobile platforms.

To help our customers save time and cost, we extendPhoneGap in conjunction with Ionic, an advanced HTML5 hybrid mobile app framework to create slick mobile apps for your business.
How can we help you?
Hire our dedicated team of PhoneGap cross-platform
mobile app developers. We offer solutions to our
customers looking for an end-to-end solution for their business needs.
Consulting Services
We offer consulting services which help
businesses understand how cross-platform
apps can transform their requirements to a reality.
We have a rigorous QA testing process which
includes testing PhoneGap applications on
physical mobile devices.
We design, develop, and deploy PhoneGap
applications. We have hands-on experience
working on and delivering large-scale and
complex mobile solutions.
Project Delivery
We help our customers same on time
and cost. PhoneGap makes it possible:
write once, run everywhere.
We have highly skilled team of HTML5, CSS3
and JavaScript experts who are committed to
provide best solution for your business needs.
We have a dedicated and committed team
who provide support and maintenance
services to our customers.

We offer a customised phonegap solution that perfectly fits the needs of your company.

Companies are not only expected to provide products

and services independently, but they need to offer an

intrinsically coupled “relationship” element, which is

unique and very human.



Sales & Marketing

CRM systems are a powerful tool

allowing businesses and organisations to reach their audience

and build and maintain on-going relationships.


Know your audience, satisfy your customers, and make your business grow

Client profiles management

Central repository of all communication

Appointment scheduling


Document archives

Tasks allocation

Staff management


Become the company your customers can always rely on to fulfil their needs

Workflow automation

Efficiency assessment

Process optimisation

Client database

Fast response to problems

Personalisation of customer service


Software Developemnt
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Enterprise content management (ECM)
Training Management System(TCM)