Our game is won when our clients succeed. We consider ourselves as the part of their success.

We like to be determined as an extension of your business rather than mere vendors. We provide strategic consulting services to contribute to your Ecommerce success:

Stage 1
Market Research & Competition Study

• Identify potential market
• Identify market segment – geographic, age groups, economic groups
• Identify marketing avenues for getting web traffic
• Identify competition, their history
• Evaluate competition strategy and their success
• Evaluate competition prices
• Evaluate competition websites and operations technology, size and scale
• Search engine research: key words research to identify customer interests
• Intellectual property rights, rules & regulations, and copyrights

Stage 2
Business Process Evaluation

Product mix
Product attributes
Product pricing profit margins
Discount strategies
Product images and meta data sources

Compete on price
Compete on quality
Target groups
Change management
Response to competition
Customer support strategy
Marketing strategy

Sales Lifecycle
Order processing lifecycle
Inventory management
Outsourcing non-core operations

Integration with existing accounting packages

Stage 3

Strategy: System Design Planning & Organization

Product complexity

Competition study and industry optimized models

Allocate Resources
– Time
– Finance

Stage 4


Coding and Development
Implementation & Setup
Scalability & Security
Payment Gateways

Stage 5


Print media
Channel partners
Field agents
Workplace agents
Online marketing
Search engine promotions
Ebay, Google products, Amazon, Affiliate sites

Stage 6

Ongoing Review & Enhancements

Conversion reports
Click-through rates and analytics
A/B testing
Landing pages
Email and Marketing campaigns
Online Marketing